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Solar Power

Solar Thermal Energy is the collection, storage and use of heat energy from sunlight to make solar hot water. iQ Power’s Solar Thermal Transfer Systems are one of the most effective alternative methods for homeowners to generate solar energy in Orlando and lower utility bills – all without any inconvenience to your lifestyle or changes to the beauty of your home. These Solar Orlando, Solar Tampa and Solar Melbourne systems are an easy way for Orlando homeowners to do their part in helping the environment and adding value to their homes by making them solar powered.

iQ Power is a leader In Orlando solar energy, Orlando solar heating, Orlando solar hot water and Orlando solar powered homes and has greatly improved the engineering and performance of all types of Orlando solar thermal systems. These solar systems are an easy way for Orlando homeowners to do their part in helping the environment and adding value to their homes by adding Orlando Solar power.

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At iQ Power, we offer a full line of low-maintenance, fully integrated, high-performance solar energy systems for Orlando homeowners. Our solar energy systems are engineered for efficiency and long life in order to be used for solar heating, solar hot water, solar water heating creating solar powered homes.

In addition, our Orlando Solar, Tampa Solar and Melbourne Solar systems are designed to fit your lifestyle with a design you will absolutely love. Our Orlando solar systems are guaranteed to deliver clean solar energy for a minimum of 25 years.

Renewable Solar Energy

Turn your home into a producer of clean, renewable solar energy in Orlando. You’ll become part of the solution to global warming and gain independence from rising energy costs.

As your Certified Solar Equipment Dealer, iQ Power will be there for you from beginning to end. From our highly qualified professionals who can answer all of your questions about becoming energy independent, to our experienced and knowledgeable installation team, we have what it takes to turn your Orlando home into a solar powered, energy efficient machine.

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